DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia March 2014

  • March 2
  • The total rainfall yesterday March 2 was 0.12inches
    The total precip. today March 3 was 0.71inches for a storm total of 0.83 inches.
    Sleet started at 0535 hours and the total was 0.5 inches.
    Snow started between 0755 and 0800 hours.
    Total snowfall was 2.4 inches.
    The max. snowfall intensity in 1 hr. was 0.6 inches between 0900 and 1000.
    Maximum wind gust today was 29 mph that occurred at 0758 hours.
    The maximum temperature today was 40.3F at midnight.
    The min. temp. today so far is 17.0F at 2120.
    The min. wind chill today so far is 2F at 2029.

  • March 11
  • The maximum temperature today was 78 F was the warmest day since October 6, 2013 when it was 87F.
    It was also the warmest for the date since 2009 at Glen Allen when it was 82F.
    The Richmond International Airport had a high of 80F the warmest for the date since March 11, 2009 when they also had 80F.
    The record of the Richmond International Airport for March 11th is 82F set in 1990.

  • March 16th and 17th
  • This was a long duration storm that started at 1625 on March 16th as rain.
    The rain mixed with sleet at 1715 and was a mix of rain snow and sleet by 1727.
    By midnight the temperature dropped to 31.2F and freezing rain was falling with sleet.
    A heavy period of sleet occurred around 0030.
    The forecast was for 3 to 5 inches of snow but the storm was almost all sleet until 0752 when some light snow started.
    There was 0.7 to 0.8 inches of mainly sleet when the snow started.
    During the day periods of light snow brought the total up to 1.3 inches.
    The highest temperature recorded at the Richmond International Airport on the 17th was the lowest on record back to 1897.
    The previous record low maximum temperature for the date was 40F in 1900.
    However March 17, 1892 was a day that was nearly the same with 2.0 inches of sleet and snow and freezing rain and a high of 32F ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________