DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia March 2013

  • March 6, 2013 at 2000 hours
  • Highest snow total was 3.5 inches between 1115 and 1130 but the total for the day was 3.7 inches.
    At 1115 hours a core sample taken and 0.95 inches of water was in the 3.5 inches of sleet and snow.
    Approximately 0.5 inches was sleet and about 0.4 inches was a mix of snow and
    sleet and approximately 2.6 inches was a heavy wet snow giving a liquid to snow equivalent of 1 to 3.7.
    Also between 1315 and 1400 a period of heavy snow added another 0.2 inches of snow making the total for the day of 3.7 inches.
    Total rainfall to midnight last night was 0.39 inches.
    Total of rain, sleet and snow today was 2.25 inches or a storm total of 2.64 inches.
    Thunder was heard 7 times during the early morning at 631, 645, 806, 817, 821, 830, and 835.
  • March 25, 2013 at 0800 hours
  • This morning an additional 0.8 inches was on the second snowboard put out to catch snowfall after midnight.
    The snowboard used yesterday had only 3.6 inches of snow this morning even though an additional 0.8 inches had fallen since midnight.
    Thus during the night there was 1.1 inches of melting and settling of the snowfall.
    A core sample this morning showed 0.47 inches of liquid water.
    The snow camera shows only 3.0 inches as the heat of the light on the snowboard during the night caused additional melting.
    The most snow on the snowboard during the storm at any one time was 3.9 inches at 2010 yesterday.
    The total snowfall during the storm was 4.7 inches and the total water content was 0.57 inches which about 0.7 inces was rain.
    This storm gave more snow than any of the storms during the winter season.