DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia October 2012

  • October 8, 2012 Very Chilly Day for October
  • Richmond International Airport had a maximum temperature today of 51 F, a new 115 year LOW maximum temperature record for October 8th ; the old record was 53 F in 2000.
    West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen, VA area had a total of 0.07 inches of rainfall.
    Snow fell at the higher elevations of West Virginia. (See Below)
    For the record, here's the Murphy Dome Road and vicinity snow report from Monday, 08 Oct 2012:
    Keystone Ridge (1600' MSL): rain mixed with snow 530am. Precip mostly snow, occasionally mixed with rain after 7am.
    Snow briefly accumulated mid-morning, mostly on exposed surfaces but was completely melted by 4pm.
    Event total liquid 0.59", snow 0.2", snow depth 0
    600am: snow was accumulating on vegetation at intersection of Abraham and Murphy Dome Roads (1750' MSL).
    Mixed rain and snow falling as low as 1400' MSL.
    430pm on the way home from work, just as the precip was ending, I observed along Murphy Dome Road:
    Light rain change to light snow 1300-1400' MSL
    Small accum on ground in trees at 1600' MSL
    Some snow in trees at 1700' MSL
    Some slush on sides of road at 1900' MSL
    Trees snow encrusted at 2000' MSL. Snow cover near 100% and about one inch snow on ground
    Road snow/slush covered with tracks to mud at 2200' MSL.
    Snow depth about 3" at 2400' MSL. Road slush covered but had evidently been plowed by DOT (!)

  • October 8, 2012 Very Chilly Morning
  • The minimum temperature last night was 41.1 F the lowest minimum temperature since April 25, 2012 when the minimum temperature was 37 F.
    It is much cooler by -12.5 F than yesterday at 7:20.
  • October 13, 2012 Cold Fall Morning
  • The minimum temperature this morning was 37.5 F the lowest minimum temperature since April 25, 2012 when the minimum temperature was 37.0 F.
    Today's maximum barometer was 30.51 inches occurring at 11:14 hours which is the highest since March 11, 2012 when it was 30.60 inches.
  • October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy
  • The total rainfall in Glen Allen yesterday was 0.05 inches.
    The precipitation total today was 1.94 inches, a new 4 year MAXIMUM precipitation record for the date; the old record was 1.17 inches in 2011. The high wind gust today was 32 mph at 23:16 hours.
    It is much cooler by -12.8 F than yesterday at 7:25 AM.
  • October 30, 2012 Hurricane Sandy
  • The precipitation for today was 0.79 inches.
    The storm total for Sandy was 2.78 inches.
    The highest wind gust was 32 mph at 23:16 hours on the 29th.