DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia February 2012

  • FEBRUARY 11, 2012 Thunder Snow
    Thunder occurred at 1525 and 1526 and at 1528 during a snow squall. This was the first thunder snow we have observed at this station. (Records since August of 2008.) There was about a 3 to 5 minute period of snow pellets between 1506 and 1510. Heaviest snow was from 1525 to 1533 but some snow was melting as it fell as the temperature was above freezing during the even which started at 1505 and ended at 1545. The yard was becoming white around 1525 with snow and the deck is white and already covered but as hard as it snowing the street never became white as it was so warm. The low temperature during the snow was 34 F and as soon as it was over it rose to 35 before falling again. This 0.5 inches was the most snow since January 25 and 26th of 2011 when 0.5 inches also occurred.
  • FEBRUARY 19th - 20th , 2012 Snowfall of 5.2 Inches
    Time the Precipitation started yesterday at 11:12 AM with a temperature of 40.1 F
    Time the Precipitation ended at 01:30 AM on the 20th with a temperature of 32.7 F
    Snowfall for 19th was 5.1 inches - water content 0.84 inches
    Snowfall for 20th was 0.1 inches - water content 0.01 inches
    Storm total was 5.2 inches - water content 0.85 inches
    The storm had very little sleet and some snow pellets and NO rain.
    Most intense snowfall was between 7 PM and 8 PM - 2.5 inches recorded in 1 hour.
    Snow depth at 7 AM of the 20th was 4.7 inches or rounded 5 inches on the ground.
    Lowest temperature during snow was 32.4 F during the heaviest snowfall period at 7:40 PM.

  • FEBRUARY 25, 2012 Near Record Heat and High Winds
    The maximum temperature here today was 81 F which is the highest temperature since March 18, 2011 when it was 82 F. The maximum temperature yesterday was 81 F at the Richmond International Airport which was only one degree from the record maximum temperature for the date. (Records since 1897)
    This maximum was also only 2 F from the warmest temperature ever recorded in the month of February which was 83 F recorded on February 11, 1932.
    The high wind gust yesterday was 46 mph at 15:03 hours which was the highest gust since Hurricane Irene on August 27, 2011 when a 52 mph gust was recorded.
    A great temperature decrease of -28.3 F since yesterday at 7:10 AM.
    The total precipitation yesterday was only 0.03 inches and for Feb. 1.98 inches and thunder was heard twice.