DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia August 2011

  • AUGUST 14, 2011 A Much Needed Rain
  • The total rainfall today was 1.19 inches.
    The total rain for August 13th and 14th was 1.46 inches and for the month only 1.62 inches.

  • AUGUST 15, 2011 Cooler
  • The 64.8 F minimum today occurred at 5:18 hours and was the lowest minimum temperature since July 16th when it was 63 F.

  • AUGUST 23, 2011 Much Cooler by -14.6 F than yesterday at 07:00 AM.
  • The 56.5 F minimum today occurred at 06:45 hours and was the lowest minimum temperature since June 15th when it was 57 F.
    Earthquake today at 1351 that lasted 30 seconds that was rated a 5.8 mag. and the epicenter was near Mineral, VA.
    The quake was the biggest in Virginia since May 5, 1897, when a 5.8 tremor began in Giles County and was felt in 12 states.
    The Charleston Earthquake of August 31, 1886 was a powerful intraplate earthquake that hit the area of Charleston, South Carolina.
    The shaking occurred at 9:50 p.m. and lasted just under a minute and is estimated to have been between 6.6 and 7.3 on the Richter scale
    The earthquake caused severe damage in Charleston, South Carolina, damaging 2,000 buildings and causing $6 million worth in damages (over $141 million in 2009 dollars),
    while in the whole city the buildings were only valued at approximately $24 million.
    Between 60 and 110 lives were lost.
    After the 1811 and 1812 quakes in New Madrid, Missouri, the Charleston SC earthquake is the most powerful and damaging quake to hit the southeastern United States.
    Three Main Shocks of the Missouri Earthquake
    December 16, 1811 - Magnitude ~7.7
    January 23, 1812 - Magnitude ~ 7.5
    February 7, 1812 - Magnitude ~ 7.7
    Also in 1755, a quake with around a 6.0 magnitude struck off the coast of Massachusetts.
    Why was Washington, DC affected more by this quake than Richmond, VA ??
    The sediments of the coastal plain along the eastern seaboard ( Washington DC ) can trap waves or concentrate the energy as they propagate and produce an amplification of the shaking or energy.
    If your area has a solid rock structure beneath ( Richmond ) it tends to spread out or disapate the energy at the surface. You see the top of this rock structure when looking at the James River falls when the river is low.

  • AUGUST 25, 2011 Earthquake Aftershock
  • West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen VA. area had another 4.5 aftershock this morning at 1:07 AM that woke us up as it rattled the pulls on the chest of drawers.

  • AUGUST 27, 2011 Hurricane Irene
  • The high wind gust today was 52 mph at 17:53 hours and new record wind speed for this station. (Records since September 2008)
    The Richmond International Airport recorded a wind gust to 71 mph.
    The Richmond International Airport highest gust during Isabel was 73 mph.
    Irene was certainly the worst wind storm since Isabel for the Richmond area.
    The West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen VA. total precip. yesterday was 3.75 inches a calendar day record rainfall for this station. (Records since August 2008)
    The precip. for today was 0.08 inches & for Aug. 6.65 inches and the ave. precip. to Aug. 28 is 3.69 inches giving a departure of + 2.96 inches.
    The storm total was 3.83 inches and 24 hour total which sets a new record for the most precipitation in 24 hours. (Records since August 2008)
    Also two large trees down in our neighbors yard.