DAILY Weather Records
Glen Allen Virginia March 2011

  • MARCH 06, 2011 Much Needed Rain
    The total rainfall today was 0.93 inches & for March 0.93 inches.
    The heaviest rain occurred between 6:20 and 6:50 PM.
    The high wind gust today was 37 mph at 19:55 hours after the cold frontal passage around 5:30 PM.
    The most rain I found reported in VA was 2.93 inches in Fauquier County.

  • MARCH 16, 2011 One Inch Rain
    The total rainfall yesterday was 0.18 inches from 1825 to midnight.
    The rain for today so far is 0.82 inches & for March 3.43 inches and the ave. precip. to March 16 is 1.94 inches giving a departure of + 1.49 inches.
    The max. rainfall rate today so far is 0.40 inches per hour at 1:16 hrs. .
    The high wind gust today was 15 mph at 00:24 hours from the NNE.
    The most rain I found reported in VA on (www.CoCoRaHs.org) was 1.11 inches just east of this station in Henrico County.

  • MARCH 18, 2011 Hot for March
    The maximum temperature here today was 82 F but the Richmond International Airport had 84 F which set a new record for the date; the old record was 83 F set in 1927.
    It was the highest temperature recorded here since October 27, 2010 when it was 83 F.

  • MARCH 21, 2011 Early Morning Hail
    A thunderstorm passed West Henrico Co. - Glen Allen station around 0710 to 0715 AM giving about two minutes of hail from 0710 to 0712 A.M. but gave only 0.07 inches of rain.
    The smallest hail was 0.25 inches and the largest was 0.50 inches but most averaged about 3/8 inch.
    It was interesting to have hail with almost most no wind or rain and also occurring around sunrise..
    The hailstone consistency was white ice but some hail had a band or layer of clear ice running through it.
    There was no damage except some of the young and tender rosebush leaves were torn and a few were removed from the bush.

  • MARCH 27, 2011 Late Snow Event
    Time the Precipitation started today at 02:00 AM and ended today at 09:40 AM giving a total liquid precipitation amount of 0.12 inches.
    The maximum amount of snow, snow pellets and sleet was 0.2 inches measured at 09:25 AM and had all melted by noon.
    It was a minor event as it didn't stick to any roads or sidewalks in central VA.

  • MARCH 30, 2011 Light Sleet Event at 47.1 F Temperature
    This is the highest temperature that I have ever observed sleet occurring in my lifetime.
    The cold air aloft must have been very close to the surface for this occurrence to happen.