Snow Information --- Monday, January 14, 2019 07:49 AM

Total snow 3.0 inches and the liquid equivalent was 1.24 inches.
Springfield Park is cooler by -4.3 degs.F than yesterday at 6:50 AM.
Springfield Park's total precipitation yesterday was 1.06 inches.
Springfield Park's total precipitation for Jan. is now 1.43 inches.
The maximum temperature on the 13th was 32.5F, a new 10-year cold daily maximum temperature record for the date - the old record was 37.4F in 2016.
The daily temperature range on the 13th was 3.3F, a new 10-year LOW daily temperature range record for the date - the old record was 10F in 2009.
The daily precipitation on the 13th was 1.17 inches, a new 10-year HIGH daily precipitation record for the date - the old record was 0.02 inches in 2018.
The daily greatest snow on the 13th was 2 inches, and is a new 10-year daily greatest snow record for the date - the old record was 0 inches.

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