Precipitation Observations As of    10/19/17     13:55

 Data In This Chart Is From A Davis Vantage Pro  Weather Instrument

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Precip. Amts. for VA- Detailed Site Glen Allen Precipitation Rates
Last Measurable Precip.   
Precip Last Hour 0.00  Inches at  13:55
Precip. Past 24-Hours 0.00  Inches at  13:55
Max Precip. in 1 Hr. During the Past 24-Hrs. 0.000  Inches at  0:00
Current Precip.Rate 0.000  Inches Per Hr. at  13:55
Precip.Today 0.00  Inches at  13:55
Precip. for Yesterday   Inches
Precipitation for Month 2.85  Inches
Precipitation for Year 34.84  Inches
Maximum Amount of Precip.
During a 5 Minute Period
Precip. Rate in Inches Per Hour
For Last 24 Hours
y_precip Precip. Graph y_precip Precip. Rate
Hours of the Day

Hours of the Day

(Heated Sensor) Precip.
Duration & in Past Week
Amt. of Precip. Observed
Each Hr. During The Past 24 Hrs.
wetness level Precipitation Duration & Start-Stop Times y_precip Precip. Graph
(Sensor NOT Heated) Wetness
from Dew and Precip.
Amt. of Precip. Observed
Each DAY During The Past week
wetness level Hours of Wetness from Dew & Precip. y_precip Hourly Precip. Graph
Days of the Month

Days of the Month